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The development and current situation of Burning dummy system

The research on the Burning dummy system project originated in the 1960s 12. There are currently 3 dummy systems in operation in North America, 4 in Western Europe, 2 in Japan, and several special systems in development.

In 1962, the U.S. Navy and DuPont jointly developed a Burning dummy system named THERMO-MAN, which uses a computer to control the experiment, record the experimental data, analyze the experimental results statistically, and draw the experimental results and the front and rear burn areas of the dummy and the area of ​​the human body. picture. Basically realized the expected function of Burning dummy system. In the 1980s the University of Minnesota also built a dummy for use in clothing burning experiments. The dummy is equipped with 44 thermocouple sensors that measure the temperature to predict the extent of burns and the area of ​​burns on human skin. It was ignited by igniting the lower edge of the test garment worn on the dummy with a set of gas flames. But this gas flame can't completely engulf the dummy, so it can't simulate all kinds of sudden fires.

In the late 1980s, the University of Alberta in Canada also successfully developed a dummy "Pyroman". As shown in Figure 1-1 below, 110 thermal flow sensors are installed on the surface of the dummy. The dummy and burst flame system is similar to the U.S. military's dummy system. After the 6 burners installed around the dummy were ignited, the propane gas produced a diffuse flame that completely engulfed the dummy. At the same time, a computer controls the data acquisition system to control the experiment, record and store the data from the sensors, calculate the potential skin damage, that is, the percentage of second-degree and third-degree burn areas in the total body area, and plot and print the results.

Switzerland, Japan and other countries have also successively developed the second-generation "fire-fighting dummy" test device, which collects data closer to the test situation under actual combat conditions, simulates the special environment of fire-fighting operations, and improves the accuracy of test and experimental results 14 .
Burning dummy system
On the domestic side, the Shanghai Fire Research Institute has trial-produced a similar Burning dummy system, but due to the fact that the oil pan fire in the test device is greatly affected by the environment, the heat flux is unstable, the thermal contact area is uncertain, the power of the heat radiation screen is insufficient, and the data acquisition Problems such as the upgrade of software and hardware of the control system directly lead to the shortcomings of low accuracy of experimental equipment and poor repeatability of results 15,16. Other domestic research institutions are not engaged in much research in this specific field, and only stay at the level of theoretical research. There are very few scientific research institutions or organizations that are really engaged in experimental testing and scientific experiments of the Burning dummy system, and the corresponding theoretical and practical data are very small. It reflects that my country's research in this field is still very weak.

In view of the current development and research situation in my country, and the increasing demand for high-performance flame-retardant protective clothing for military and civilian use, it is necessary to independently research and develop the instrumented Burning dummy system.

The above is an introduction to the development status of Burning dummy system. For more information, please pay attention to QINSUN instruments and leave us a message!

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