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Main application areas of the combustion dummy test system

The burning dummy test system is used to test the overall thermal protection performance of protective clothing. The system mainly records the information on the surface of the dummy under simulated fire conditions through sensors, and then estimates the burn degree and burn area on the surface of the dummy to reflect the overall thermal protection performance of the garment.

Meanwhile, in environments such as fire rescue, industrial production, and military battlefields, people may suddenly encounter burning fires and need to wear fire-retardant and heat-insulating protective clothing to avoid various thermal injuries to the human body. Excellent performance of thermal protective clothing, not only can better strengthen the body's thermal protection, but also help the operator to grasp the opportunity to operate efficiently and carry out rescue work.

In the burning dummy system, the dummy surface is generally divided into more than 100 skin blocks, and sensors are installed on each part. The data measured by each sensor represents the thermodynamic state parameters of the skin block where it is located, and the study only needs to solve for each skin block and evaluate the period burn degree to obtain the overall burn range of the dummy to reflect the overall thermal performance of the protective clothing.

According to the physiological characteristics of the skin, the subcutis is divided into 3 layers, namely, epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. The interface between the epidermis and the dermis is referred to as the base layer, and the interface between the dermis and the subcutaneous tissue is referred to as the underlying dermis. Since the surface information of the skin block can be represented by the data measured by the sensors, it can be simplified to a

Warm body sweating dummy can accurately determine temperature changes

Warm body dummy development in the international some developed countries are very concerned, our country from the last century 80s into this high-tech field. Professor Zhang recently launched has been the second generation of warm body prosthesis in China, was listed as the national 863 and Shanghai key discipline projects.

China has successfully developed a "posture adjustable warm body dummy", the most important feature is the skin surface temperature and the same as the real person, not only know the hot and cold, also very sensitive to wind and rain.

Warm body sweating dummy according to the sensitivity of the real epidermis to the temperature, first the dummy's whole body is divided into 16 independent sections, namely the head and neck, chest, back, abdomen and buttocks, left and right upper arms, left and right forearms, left and right hands, left and right thighs, left and right calves and left and right feet, and then installed in the body with a computer-connected special "pipeline", as if for it The whole body is covered with "blood vessels" and "nerve endings". Dummy is not a "wooden pile", its body joints move freely, the head, hands can be disassembled, but also simulate a variety of human sitting, standing, and dummies have "sweat glands", hot days will also sweat.

In the special artificial climate room, this artificial climate room temperature can be adjusted between plus or minus 50 degrees Celsius, but also to simulate the natural wind and rain and other special climate, with a high degree of intelligence. When the room temperature gradually dropped to minus 10 degrees Celsius, the dummy body parts epidermal temperature also decreased, so that people feel that it is shivering, Professor Zhang said, it seems that the weather is too cold, it is time to add a suitable piece of clothing. But when the temperature kept soaring, close to 30 degrees Celsius, the dummy's forehead and face began to ooze fine "beads of sweat", Professor Zhang hurriedly shouted, quickly to it off the winter clothes, and then go down to "heatstroke".

The development of the warm body sweating dummy is currently a more advanced international technology, belongs to the intelligent equipment industry, especially in the textile and clothing research use a wide range of uses.

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