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How to maintain the magnetic flocculation sedimentation equipment after use

Do you know how to maintain the magnetic flocculation and sedimentation equipment after use? Today, Shuanglian Environmental Protection will talk to you about the precautions and maintenance methods for the trial operation of magnetic flocculation and sedimentation equipment, let's take a look!

Precautions for the trial operation of magnetic flocculation and sedimentation equipment

1. Note that before the equipment is turned on, turn on the rinsing water to wet the surface of the magnetic separator disk, slag scraper, planer and slag conveying spiral reamer.

2. After that, disassemble the back cover of the motor, turn the fan on the back cover of the motor, check whether the moving parts of each equipment are stuck and the gear meshing, and if there is a problem, it should be adjusted and eliminated.

3. Test the electrical equipment of each part, check whether the stirrer runs clockwise, whether the direction of the magnetic roller is correct, and at the same time measure the no-load current of each electrical equipment, check whether the current is within the rated current, and deal with it in time if there is any abnormality.

4. After the magnetic flocculation and sedimentation equipment jog test run without abnormal conditions, enter the linkage test run, and observe whether the disk group and the magnetic separation magnetic drum are running smoothly, whether the slag scraper has popping phenomenon, whether the planer strip of the planer wheel group collides with the big cover, and whether the operation of each stirring device is stable, if there is any, it should be adjusted in time.

5. After 20 minutes of normal operation of the magnetic flocculation and sedimentation equipment, stop the machine to check whether the fastening screws on the equipment are loose, whether the gears are running normally, and whether there are traces of wear on the disk group. If there is a problem, it should be eliminated in time and then enter the load test.

6. Pay attention to the completion of the trial operation should also be checked in time to see whether all aspects are normal, and then run and use.

After a period of use after operation, we should not forget to carry out maintenance, maintenance is also very important, if it is not maintained for a long time, it is easier to cause problems, so the maintenance work should also be done, so how should it be maintained? Let's take a closer look!

1. Pay attention to a comprehensive inspection every day and adjust the water pressure of the power system to prevent accidents.

2. The air intake of the magnetic flocculation equipment should be checked frequently to maintain the smooth flow with the outside world.

3. When there are bubbles in the glass tube of the level gauge, the sealing ring should be replaced immediately.

4. Be sure to clean the filter head before and after suction.

5. In addition, pay attention to the cleaning of water ejectors and check valves to prevent blockages.

6. Metering pump tube, if it leaks, check the sealing process immediately.

7. For magnetic flocculation cleaning, the main engine, raw material tank, water injector, check valve and ball valve can be cleaned once every six months, and the power management of magnetic flocculation work can be turned off during cleaning.

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