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Etching wastewater treatment equipment installation steps and requirements

Etching wastewater treatment equipment installation steps and requirements

1. According to the installation drawing and foundation drawing, the preparation of the foundation shall be subject to the size and size of the installation plan, and the concrete bottom plate shall be done, and the average bearing pressure of the foundation shall be 5t/m2, and the foundation must be horizontal, and the installation shall be carried out after the concrete foundation pouring and maintenance period is over.

2. The pipeline installation connection should be considered when the equipment is in place, and the equipment must be in place according to the equipment weight of the manual, with the tonnage of the crane, and the installation sequence should be in place according to the on-site comparison diagram, and the position and direction of the cylinder can not be misplaced, and the distance between each other must be correct.

3. According to the installation drawing, connect the pipeline, and fasten the connecting pipe with a rubber pad after the equipment is in place, so that the connection does not leak.

4. After the installation of etching wastewater treatment equipment, the equipment must be connected and fixed with the foundation floor to ensure that the equipment does not move, and sewage must be injected into the equipment (when there is no sewage, replace it with other water sources or tap water), and the filling degree must reach more than 70% to prevent the equipment from floating. At the same time, check whether there is leakage in each pipeline. The water test pipe intersection must not leak, and the equipment is not subject to the ground water rising, which makes the equipment dislocated and tilted.

5. After the installation of the etching wastewater treatment equipment is improper, it can be filled with soil around the equipment and compacted in the gap, and the ground should be filled with soil: (1) The manhole cover plate of the equipment must be about 50mm higher than the floor; (2) Do not let the soil block the air intake on the manhole cover.

6. Connect the control line of the electric control cabinet with the equipment, pay attention to the steering of the underwater aerator and the submersible pump motor when wiring, such as the basement control cabinet should be placed in a ventilated place to keep it dry, and the general control cabinet can not be placed in the open air. It must be protected from sun, rain, etc. In order to avoid leakage of the control board and the terminal head, and burn the control board.

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