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What are the characteristics of the performance of the combustion?

Next, the Qinsun will give a detailed answer from four aspects.

Persistence of Flame Retardancy

Protective clothing made of flame retardant fabric fibers help protect firefighters for decades. Continuous comprehensive testing proves that they have advantages in long-term maintenance and flame retardant protection.

Beyond work requirements

The fiber helps the fire service to withstand for many years, abrasive wear and washing cycles and ultraviolet contact.

In the test, the outer layer made of flame retardant fabric fibers can maintain 84% of the tear strength after washing, and the outer layer fabric containing 60% for the aramid is only only It can maintain 52% tear strength.

Compared to numerous other fabrics, fabrics made of flame retardant fabrics help significantly improve wear resistance. This is directly related to the service life and durability of protective clothing, which is also a matter of special concern for firefighters in Europe.

Wear resistance is better

The flame retardant fabric wear resistance is related to wearing life and durability. Most fabrics made of flame retardant fabric brand fibers have higher abrasion resistance than some fiber blend fabrics having a higher aramid content. Although the aramid content is highly conducive to improving the mechanical strength, 60% of the outer layer fabric containing 60% for the outer layer fabric containing 60%. Dedicated to decline.

Does the protective clothing made of flame retardant fabrics require special washing skills?

Common household washing, commercial washing, industrial washing and dry cleaning skills apply. Because flame retardancy is the intrinsic part of the aramid fibers, it is not washed or grinded off. We also offer recommendations. Many companies will consider industrial washing projects to ensure that protective clothing is completely washed and properly maintained, and it is also convenient to implement and manage protective clothing projects. The protective clothing made from NOMEX? Nobik is extremely durable, and it can be obtained from repeated washing and use. The initial shrinkage rate of the fabric is extremely low, and the fabric does not shrink or deform during the protective clothing. In addition, these protective clothing can be worn from the dryer, almost no ironing is required. Chlorine bleaching agent is used on protective clothing made of fibers. Although chlorine halgoer or other additive does not damage bad fire performance (if it is a fabric treated with flame retardant, its fire prevention performance will be damaged), however, in order to protect the strength of protective clothing, extend protective clothing The life, it is recommended not to use chloro chlorine.

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