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when the pump is running normally

when the pump is running normally

when the pump is running normally...

The acid-resistant chemical pump has the advantages of stable and reliable performance, good sealing performance, beautiful appearance, and convenient use and maintenance. When the impeller rotates rapidly, the blades promote the liquid to rotate at high speed, and the liquid flies away from the impeller under the action of centrifugal force, and the water in the pump is thrown out, and the central part of the impeller forms a vacuum area. The liquid material is pressed into the feed pipe through the pipe network under atmospheric pressure. In this way, continuous conveying can be realized.

Use and maintenance of acid-resistant chemical pumps:

1. Check whether there is any loosening phenomenon at the junction of the pump and pipeline. Turn the pump by hand to see if the pump is flexible, and then try to see if the motor steers.

2. Add bearing lubricating oil to the suspension, and observe that the oil level should be between the two lines of the oil mark.

3. Unscrew the water diversion plug of the pump body and fill the water diversion.

4. Close the gate valve of the outlet pipe, the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge.

5. Start the motor, when the pump is running normally, work the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge, depending on the appropriate pressure display, gradually open the gate valve, and check the load of the motor at the same time.

6. Try to control the flow and head of the pump within the range indicated on the pump sign, so as to ensure that the pump runs for a long time near the high-efficiency point, so as to obtain a large energy-saving effect.

7. During the operation of the corrosion-resistant pump, the bearing temperature does not exceed 35 degrees Celsius, and the maximum temperature does not exceed 80 degrees.

8. If you find that the pump has abnormal sound, you should stop immediately to check the cause.

9. When the corrosion-resistant chemical pump is to be stopped, close the gate valve and pressure gauge first, and then stop the motor.
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