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Heating Test Experimental Analysis

Thermal dummy's mechanism research and occupational protective clothing development played an important role. The structure of the warmer dummy, the test principle use, etc., the warmth of the warm body, the warmth of the goods, under all wearing conditions, reduce the heat loss from the human body to the environment, and the current warmer dummy is more widely used in the textile and apparel industry. The individual test of user clothing is very effective.

The cause of heat loss is:

1 dry heat loss caused by the temperature difference of the human skin and the environment;

2 The evaporation heat loss produced by the evaporation of sweat. The clothing is a protective layer between the human body and the environment, which is very complex, depending on the human (activity level, individual factor) clothing (material, margin) and the environment (temperature, humidity, wind speed, radiation, etc.) circle 1 The status quo of the human body through the thermal loss study of the apparel to the environment. Looking forward to its development trend.

The research methods for the thermal performance of clothing are mainly:

1 Physical Experimental Law of Textile Materials. Test the warm performance of the textile material, the skin model or the moisturectation cup method, measuring the water vapor permeability of the garment material. This method is only the overall performance of clothing material selection, and cannot reflect the overall performance of clothing support;

2 Human Test Method. This is the test phase of any military uniforms in the fixed-time and equipment forces. Its disadvantage is that the difference between individual physiology, psychological factors and individual differences, the experimental results are large (about 15%), the expensive manpower, the material is also large. In addition, human tests have certain hazards in some extreme environmental tests (such as high, low temperatures, etc.). Based on the shortcomings of the above two methods, from the 1940s, a new biological physics test method was gradually developed. Test method of warming body dummy. It can simulate the thermal exchange process of the human body, clothing and environment in the set environment, convenient to test the overall or local thermal performance parameters of the costume, which is accurate, repetitive, and can not be able to Under extreme environmental conditions of the trial, the thermal performance test test of clothing has been carried out in the warm performance of clothing, and care warm mechanism research and occupational protection.

1. Dry hot heph of the dummy and the hot warmer dummy is mainly used for the heat transfer performance of the clothing under dry heat. The test method is to place the dummy in the artificial climate bin, heat the dummy body with a certain power, and the surface temperature is stabilized at 33 ° C by the control mechanism, depending on the surface temperature and the ambient temperature, in order to keep fake The heat resistance of the human surface temperature is constant to calculate the thermal resistance of the cost of clothing (unit CLO), which is based on this to assess the warm performance of clothing. Its calculation formula is: t one-TA - TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA, can operate in three ways: temperature change, constant heat and constant temperature. The temperature change method can simulate the change process of the skin temperature under different environmental conditions; the constant heat mode is used to observe the difference in heat dissipation conditions of the whole body; the constant temperature mode is used to measure the thermal resistance of the garment. Press dry and hotThe human movement can be divided into still warm body dummy and dynamic warmers.

2, static warm body dummy static

Heaters fake people take the standing position or sitting.The standing warm body dummy is mainly used for clothing warm performance evaluation. Sitting warm body dummy is mainly used for thermal comfort evaluation of motor vehicles and motor vehicle drivers, and also for aerospace services.

3, the dynamic heaters of the dynamic warmers in the dynamic warmers is not the same, but mainly shoulder joints, elbow joints, knee and ankle joints can be active to simulate ergonomics.The dynamic warmers dummy is used to study the impact of human motion, wind speed, etc. on costume.

4, sweating warm body fake people can only simulate the physiological response of the human body in the non-evaporated heat dissipation range (such as skin temperature, heat distribution, etc.), this dry thermal state is only the wholePart of the human body heat regulating system, under thermal environment and exercise conditions, human body warmers thermal manikin

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