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Combustion test machine experimental operation should pay attention 

Combustion test experiments in modern industrial production is increasingly important, due to the impact of fire and damage are very horrible, so the safety of industrial production and product flame retardancy is a project that must be tested, combustion testing machine is a lot of industries often contact a device, you need to pay attention to several issues in the operation of this type of experimental equipment.

Any equipment we should use correctly to avoid failure, resulting in financial losses, we are in the process of combustion testing machine, if you pay attention to the following matters, you can reduce the chances of damage.

1, the combustion tester should not work at high temperatures for a long time, so as not to shorten the service life of the thermocouple, the current should be reduced in time after each use, and cut off the power supply.

2, the user can use the exhaust fan after the completion of the test to discharge the exhaust gas generated by combustion, but do not open the fan during the test, so as not to affect the test results.

3, the combustion tester must use a regulated power supply, otherwise if the voltage fluctuations will affect the temperature change.

4, thermocouple only for the test calibration temperature, after calibration, make a mark on the ammeter for the next test, to be temperature down to room temperature, then the thermocouple should be carefully withdrawn from the scorching wire, and then start to do the test.

5, if you need to repair, especially the replacement of the combustion testing machine should pay attention to the dialed screws to re-tighten, otherwise poor contact affects the current circuit and produce a high temperature interface, we should replace the parts after all the screws on tight.

6, the combustion tester has an over-temperature protection function, when the set temperature, will automatically disconnect the heating circuit, therefore, the preset temperature can not be lower than the normal working temperature, otherwise the combustion tester can not work properly.

7, after each test, to clean the combustion chamber in the case of power failure, and take care not to collide with the thermocouple and scorching wire.

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