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What can three-dimensional scanners do?

3D scanner scanning principle:

Grating projection phase three-dimensional scanner is a high-speed high-precision three-dimensional scanner equipment, synchronous German advanced fourth-generation grating technology, external interpolation multi-frequency phase Lower gratings. Unlike traditional three-dimensional scanners, the scanner can simultaneously scan a face. The white light grating scan is used in a non-contact three-dimensional scanning method, fully automatic splicing, high efficiency, high precision, high-life, high-resolution, etc., especially suitable for complex free surface reverse modeling, mainly used in product development Design (RD, such as rapid forming, three-dimensional digitization, three-dimensional design, three-dimensional stereoscopic scanning, etc.), reverse engineering (RE, such as reverse scanning, reverse design) and three-dimensional detection CAV, is an essential tool for product development and quality testing.

3D scanner features:

1, 13 step coded calibration technology, eliminating the camera error, the difference interpolation multi-frequency phase shift, uniform stripe projection

2, the third generation of surface scanning mode: each time you scan a three-dimensional data of the entire surface, the scan point distribution density is extremely high and very rule.

3, Non-contact Scan: Using the phased principle, non-contact optical scanning is performed to obtain three dimensional data on the surface of the object.

4, accuracy high actual accuracy can reach 0.01-0.02mm.

5, Sign point automatic splicing: You can automatically splicing multiple scan results, and the object can be arbitrarily flipped and moved when scanned. By scanning data multiple times by splicing the sign point, large-scale scanning is achieved. Reduce the dead angle of the measurement.

6, point cloud noise processing and trim: can trim, reject the noise point generated during the scanning process.

7. The environmental requirements are not high: the environmental light has little effect on the scanning system, and high-performance data can be obtained in most environments.

8, the scan output data interface is widely: the point cloud data obtained from the scan is ASC, VRML format, can directly interact with software such as UG, Catia, Geomagic, Pro / E, MasterCam.

9, the software performance is good, the user is easy to learn, no too much training can be skilled, compatible, easy to learn.

3D scanner application field:

(1) CAD / CAM / Reverse Engineering (RE) / Rapid Molding (RP):

Middle Scan the real thing, establish CAD data; or scan model, establish a three-dimensional data for detecting the surface of the component

middot; for components that cannot use 3D CAD data, establish data

middot; use RP creation real modelEstablish and improve product design

middot; Data Capture of Finite Element Analysis

(2) Detection (CAT) / CAE: Profile Detection of Production Line Quality Control and Surface Parts

(3) Scientific Research: Computer Vision, Calculation Geometry, Archaeological Research

(4) Other Applications: Retrieves and Electronic Display, Animation Style, Dental and Distortion Correction, Corrive and AdhesivesMaxillofacial surgery

3D scanner application industry:

Automobile traffic aerospace wind power electronic appliance

Mold industry engraving industry ceramic bathroom shoes shoes

Toys anime teaching application medical plastic surgery

cultural relics Archeology

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