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Experimental analysis of Comfortable Thermal Manikin test

Comfortable Thermal Manikin mechanism research and occupational protective clothing development has played an important role. From the structure of the warm body dummy, test principle degree of use and other aspects of the synthesis of the warm body dummy in all wearing conditions, clothing to reduce the heat loss from the human body to the environment, the current warm body dummy in the textile and apparel industry is more widely used, the individual aspects of the user clothing test is very effective.

The causes of heat loss are mainly.

1. dry heat loss caused by the temperature difference between the human skin and the environment.

2. evaporative heat loss caused by the evaporation of sweat. Clothing as a protective layer between the human body and the environment, its thermal performance is very complex, it depends on the person (activity level, individual factors) clothing (material, margin) and the environment (temperature, humidity, wind speed, radiation, etc.) Circle 1 The current status of the study of heat loss from the human body through clothing to the environment. The trend of its development is foreseen.

Research methods on the thermal properties of clothing are mainly.

1. physical experimental method of textile materials.
That is, the cylinder method or flat meter method to test the thermal performance of textile materials, the skin model or moisture permeability cup method to measure the water vapor penetration performance of clothing materials. This method is only the clothing material selection experiments, can not reflect the overall performance of the clothing package.

2. Human test method.
This is a necessary test phase before any military uniform is finalized and equipped with troops. The disadvantage is that it is affected by personal physiological and psychological factors and individual differences, and the error of the experimental results is large (about 15%), and the manpower and material resources spent are also large. In addition, the human test in some extreme environmental tests (such as high and low temperatures) and a certain degree of danger. Based on the shortcomings of the above two methods, from the 1940s onwards, the gradual development of a new biophysical test method. That is, the warm body dummy test method. It can be set in the environmental conditions, simulate the human body, clothing and the environment asked the heat exchange process, the convenience of testing the overall or local thermal performance parameters of clothing, the advantages of high accuracy, repeatability, and can be tested in real people can not test the extreme environmental conditions, the thermal performance of clothing test test, it has been in the evaluation of clothing warmth performance, clothing warmth mechanism research and occupational protection.

Dry heat warming dummy dry heat warming dummy is mainly used to test the heat transfer performance of clothing under dry heat conditions. The test method is to put the dummy in the artificial climate warehouse, with a certain power to heat the body of the dummy, and through the control mechanism to make its surface temperature stable at about 33 ℃, according to its surface temperature and

According to the difference between the surface temperature and the ambient temperature and the heat supply required to maintain the constant surface temperature of the dummy, the thermal resistance of the garment is calculated (unit clo), and the warmth performance of the garment is evaluated accordingly. The calculation formula is: T a - Ts - Ta a 0.115H dry heat warming dummy can work in three ways: variable temperature, constant heat and constant temperature state. Variable temperature mode can simulate the process of skin temperature change in different environmental conditions in real people groups; constant heat mode is used to observe the differences in heat dissipation conditions in various parts of the body; constant temperature mode is used to measure the thermal resistance value of the garment. According to the movement of the dry heat body dummy can be divided into static warm body dummy and dynamic warm body dummy.

Static warm body dummy static warm body dummy to take a standing or sitting posture. Standing posture warm body dummy is mainly used for clothing warming performance evaluation, sitting posture warm body dummy is mainly used for motor vehicle in the thermal environment and motor vehicle driver thermal comfort evaluation, but also for the functional evaluation of space suits.

Dynamic warm body dummy dynamic warm body dummy moving parts vary from country to country, but mainly the shoulder joint, elbow joint, knee joint and ankle joint can be moved to simulate human walking movement. Dynamic warm body dummy is used to study the impact of human movement, wind speed, etc. on the warmth of clothing.

Sweating warm body dummy because the warm body dummy can only simulate the human body's physiological response (such as skin temperature, heat dissipation, etc.) in the range of non-evaporative heat dissipation, this dry heat state is only part of the entire human thermal regulation system, in the thermal environment and exercise conditions, the human body mainly warm body dummy.

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