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What are the factors that determine the comfort of the car?

The comfort of the car is an important factor affecting everyone to buy a car, then what is the key to the high cost of car comfort? Some people will say that the chassis is suspended. Indeed, how is the suspension adjustment, a great impact on the comfort of the vehicle, such as the pursuit of comfortable models, generally hanging is more soft.

However, is the comfort of the vehicle really just determined by the suspension? Obviously, a car can give a comfortable feeling. In fact, the compartment is also important, including seats that are intimate contact with our body, vibration sound control control of the whole vehicle. If these did not pay attention, the vehicle comfort will also be greatly reduced.

There may be many people unclear, the seat development and design, sound insulation projects are similar to LDQUO; metaphysics rdquo; the complexity of its research and development is not sub-chassis. Take Tianzhu as an example, give everyone a science!

Tianzhu hits home, business, it is comfortable, so it will definitely use comfort as the main orientation, but ldquo; comfortable rdquo; is a very personal vocabulary, specific How to reflect ldquo; comfortable rdquo; Engineers have ldquo; reference answers rdquo;

, such as a seat, 6 dimensional evaluation systems about seat comfort, including the softness of the seat, the seat and the body of the body, seat The chair is supported by the human body, and the body attitude is maintained, and the seat vibration absorption is driven on the road surface, and the long-distance driving fatigue is.

The engineer is to develop a car seat through these exclusive evaluation systems.

ldquo; Utopia rdquo; has, it will be implemented. Take the Scorpio as an example, the engineer will develop molds according to the analysis of data, and the evaluation of the above-mentioned comfort system.

Nissan in the car seat, some of themselves ldquo; secret weapons rdquo;, such as zero gravity seat, SLAB structure + high attenuation foam, spring skeleton structure, etc. Listening is very complicated, in fact, we are just a simple understanding, they are all conducive to improving the seat comfort.
Since all kinds of ldquo; high-top rdquo; secret weapons rdquo; how is it?
? Who said it is not counted, the engineer needs to get two data from the test machine and expert.

In the Nissan factory, there are a variety of seat testing machines, simulated, have analog ride area, simulated load, ldquo; simple rdquoThe research and development cost of a seat is still quite high.

But the machine is more, the seat is ultimately giving people, so an expert opinion is also indispensable. These experts have a very interesting idea in them, and they should be called mdash; mdash; ldquo; 精 屁 rdquo ;. So they are very ldquo; moment of thin rdquo; A ldquo; unhappy rdquo; This also illustrates from the side, why these mainstream B cars can have such a comfortable ride experience.

The seat has good comfort, NVH is also in place, if there is poor sound insulation, all kinds of wind-to-noise, road noise is in the ear, that is also disappointing. NVH is the abbreviation of three letters, where n represents ldquo; noise (noise) rdquo; v represents ldquo; vibration rdquo;, H is ldquo; Harshness) rdquo ;.

thermal manikin Nissan's models also have a strict NVH development process. In the early stage of development, the manufacturer will conduct market surveys, study target customers' habits, and use the car environment. For example, Tianzhu is a B-class car that is a family business. According to its positioning, naturally, the control of NVH is very strict. If it is Xima, because its positioning is more spoken, it may be more pursuit of "the effect of NVH will be more pursued".

In addition to a strict development process, the supporting development resources are also important, such as the test mute hub half-measuring room, in which the wall is laid on this muffler. Materials with very sound absorption, the entire silence room has no reflection, almost absolute mute in the room. It is only possible to test the rigorous and testing accuracy of development under this near-laboratory adjustment.

Brick uncle experienced the sound insulation effect of Scorpio in the muffler, shake the window, the data displayed by the forage is 33.9dB, depending on the noise standard, at 30 ~ There is a quiet normal environment between 40dB. If the window is shaken, 70.3dB is displayed, so the sound insulation effect of Scorpio is still very effective.

With a good test environment, you can better have the source of interference, NVH development is also more proposed. If it is a large wind-to-noise, the Nissan engineer's approach is to upgrade the front windshield of Scorpio into acoustic sound, which can improve the high frequency region noise reduction.

And the control of the source, in general, the vibration of the engine and accessories is unavoidable, and the metal is suspended will exacerbate these noise, and Nissan's solution is replaced by high strength hardness.The resin is suspended, so that it can significantly reduce the occurrence of noise.

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