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Warm fake person for clothing comfort and evaluation method

ldquo; The concept of comfort rdquo; From the reverse? Significance, it can be defined as ldquo;? Painless,? None? Comfortable? One State rdquo; That is, the wearer is in the body, the body is under the body? The heart feels good, the state is best. Clothing comfort does not do it in the body? In such a state in such a state, the wearer is medium, the wearer's physiology?, Psychology? All feel the pleasure. Clothing comfort mainly includes aesthetic comfort, contact comfort, pressure? Comfort, hot and humidity 13, where hot humidity has the most contribution to clothing comfort. The beauty of clothing is mainly referring to the overall feeling of the clothes, mainly including the wearer's style, color, texture, and costumes of clothing. Elements, etc. Satisfaction, mainly through wearer's visual feelings and people's preferences to judge whether it is comfortable. thermal manikin

Method for thase comfort and evaluation:

Tactile comfort is a fabric? Or fabric Contact? Human body, bring to the wearer? One? Psychological? Feeling 4,? The evaluation of tactile comfort in the traditional sense? The method is ldquo ;? Hand feeling rdquo;, it is an instant feeling.

The main factor affecting the fabric thorn is to form the traits of fabric fibers, such as bending strength, compression, and tensile properties, which can be made from KES. F fabric? Style evaluation system and FAST system direct measurement? In addition, the quantity of the fabric tissue? And? The length also affects the thorn of the fabric. Under normal circumstances, can we feel? • The length is 1.5mm 4. The evaluation of the tattoo? The method mainly has the forearm experiment, the thorn itch is O. 10 rule, stab, itchy 0, said that wearing a fabric does not feel? Itch is 10, indicating that the fabric has a strong thorn? Itch.

Affect the main factors of the fabric wagon sensation with the moisture absorption performance of the fabric, the thermal conductivity of the fabric, and the temperature and humidity of the environment. Can the moisture absorption performance of the fabric? Greatly affect the warm and warm-term weight of the fabric? Under normal circumstances, the moisture absorption performance of natural fibers? The moisture absorption performance of the fibril and synthetic fibers is good, natural fiber? Sheep? Floor has the most Good hygroscopic properties. The more moisture absorption performance of the fabric, the better the thermal conductivity of the fabric, the stronger the coldness of the fabric brings the wearer. The moisture absorption performance of the fibers is often characterized by a tide rate, Table 1 mdash; 1 is often?Use fiber resilings and male resilient rate L. The thermal conductivity of the fiber is used to evaluate the warm performance of the fabric. The more the thermal conductivity of the fabric is smaller, the better the warm performance, the more it is, the more large, the hemp fabric is more than a high, so the clothing wear in summer ? More cool 6. Can a change in environmental humidity can be very different? The moisture absorption performance of the fabric is large. The more the relative humidity of the environment is small, the humidity gradient between the fabric and the environment is relatively large, and when wearing the moment, the moment, can Feel the moment of coldness.

Method for pressure comfort and evaluation:

Apparel pressure? Comfort refers to, in the process of wearer and clothing? In the process, what kind of body movements do not do? Will you feel that there is costume pressure? Force, the binders of the wearer, or this clothing Press? Don't? Do you feel that the wearer feels not? Comfortable performance "71. There are two main sources of clothing pressure? Is there two of the cost? Fabric? Is it born in horizontal or longitudinal direction? Expansion, into? The main factors affecting the pressure of clothing, the main factors of comfort have the types of clothing? Fabric? The style structure of the apparel, the looseness of the clothing, and the wearer do not? The same part of the same part. No. The same cost is not? The same pressure? The force range, such as the pressure of swimming clothes? The pressure of 10-209 / cm2, the pressure of the elastic stock hose is 30-. , 609 / cm2, the pressure of the tight, the range? Less than 209 / EM2, etc., beyond these ranges? The body will feel unable to feel? Comfortable.

Direct measurement of clothing pressure ?? Method mainly includes liquid pressure? What is the measurement ?? Method and? Pneumatic measurement ?? Method, these two are? Compare routine Measurement ?? Method, measurement? Principle? Mainly through the pressure of U-tubes? Division to determine the pressure? Large? Japan AMI MDash; Techno created? A? 0505 sexual contact pressure? Figure 1 mdash; 2 is the measurement of the pressure? The principle of the test counts? Costume pressure? The indirect measurement ?? Method includes the arched pressure method, ie? The plaster or foam is made into the shape of the human elbow and the shape of the knee portion, cover the sensor in the projection?, Enter? And measurement? Pressure of clothing? In addition, YU research? Soft body fake? People to measure? The pressure of the clothing?

Apparatus hot wet comfort and evaluation method:

The hot wet comfort of the clothing refers to the human body. clothing. In the environmental system, through the adjustment of clothing? The thermal wet exchange of the human body and the environment makes the cost of the clothing micro. The temperature and humidity in the climate are relatively stable, and keep it? The human body is heat-cooling, keeping? The body temperature is constant, • The body feels comfortable, the hot and humidity of the costume is the most important costume and comfort indicator. ? Since the 20th century? In 1941?, Famous American? Physiology? RGAGGE, etc. Is the person who studies the thermal transfer characteristics of the clothing? Ldquo; Croot quot; Lo concept An important indicator of thermal conductivity. And this? One profit? One? The unit of thermal resistance is? Is it more than the hot comfort of the clothing? Basis. In 1962? These two? The proposal of the concept is the foundation for the evaluation of the hot and humidity of clothing. What is the hot and humidity evaluation of clothing? The method mainly has a subjective evaluation? Method and objective evaluation? Methods two? Class.

Method for subjective evaluation:

Subjective evaluation of clothing comfort? Including? Human body wear experiment, true? People experiment? General requirements are in? Record the experimental? Physiological? Indicator changes, and changes in experimental clothing parameters, according to these changes and wearer's evaluation of thermal feelings to determine the comfort of clothing.

In the process of wearing an experiment, the correlation parameters of the clothing need to be recorded, such as electricity? Subworthy measurement? Quality of clothing before and after experiments? Change,? High-precision temperature and humidity sensor? Measurement ? Changes in thermal and humidity in climate 131. In addition, record the wearer? Physiological? Changes in the indicators, such as the change of human sweating, the temperature of the main part of the human body. ? There are two main circumstances, the determination of human body sweating? The experimental experimenter is naked. Then, the experiment of the experimenter's nostalgia. The second case, test time? Comparison? Long, experiments are in the middle of the food, bowel movement? Etc. ? + Oxygen content?)? One (naked body weight after the experiment + small stool?+ Dioxide of carbon dioxide?). • Changes in human body mainly record rectal temperature, underarm temperature, drum film temperature, etc. In addition to? Record these parameters, is it? ASHRAE heat feels assessment level? See Table 1.2, when experimentation, the experimenter needs to inform the tester to the sensory evaluation of the clothes.

Subjective evaluation of clothing? Method? One? Human body wear experiments? Many factors, need? Evaluation of the comfort of the clothing, But due to the human emotional fluctuation? Comparison? Big, same? One? People, is it possible? Physiology? Physiological? Is it possible? The same, this leads to the subjective evaluation of the clothing? Accurate The experiment did not repeat. So we need to use the objective evaluation of clothing? Method? One warm body holiday? People's method to assess the hot and humidity of clothing.

Warmity holiday? People are true? People, simulation? The human body is in the state of clothing? test instrument?. Warm-body fake? People test system is in the 20th century? A test system, a test system, its body type and adult? Male? Sub-body type is similar, from the head, chest, abdomen, hand, foot, upper limbs, lower limbs Composition, fake? People? The human nuclear? The heart temperature is 37 ° C, and the body temperature? Warm fake? Since the development, fake people's production materials? Can be copper, aluminum and glass materials? And external heating? Method L. Warm body fake? Mainly include? Mini warmers holiday? • The main body of the parents is mainly used to measure the warm performance of the clothing? The thermal resistance of a clothing. Sweating warm body vacation? Can people? One-time measurement? The thermal resistance and wet resistance of the we need, the results of the measurement? It is more stable. Numerical heating body holiday? People use computer technology to use the warmers fake? People test technology, can it calculate? The amount of heat dissipation?, Forecast? The heat exchange coefficient of the human body, local sweating and partial temperature The heat transfer performance of clothing and the environment is evaluated. Small warm body fake? Main? It is used to evaluate the hot comfort of infants and young children, its measurement?

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