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The meaning of burning dummy system to mankind

What is the meaning of Burning dummy system? Next, QINSUN will look at the value of Burning dummy system with you.

In the dangerous environment of the fire field, people need to wear thermal protective clothing to avoid fire damage. Thermal protective clothing is widely used to protect firefighters, steel workers, and workers engaged in other high-temperature hazardous locations. As the clothing is exposed to the flame for an increase in time, the surface temperature of the clothing will gradually increase due to the direct burning of the flame, and a large amount of heat transfer makes the air layer under the clothing and the surface temperature of the human body rise at the same time. Not only will the thermal physical properties of the fabric itself change under the flame burning, which will affect its thermal protection performance, but also after leaving the flash fire environment, the surface temperature of the clothing will still remain in a higher range, and will be in contact with the clothing underneath. And the temperature of the surface of the human body forms a temperature difference, and the continuous heat transfer causes the surface temperature of the human body to continue to rise.

Studies have shown that burns may occur after the flash fire is over, and the energy stored in the fabric is also an important factor in predicting burns. Therefore, even if the thermal protective clothing can withstand the flame burning for a short time, the clothing can still cause burns during the cooling process. Therefore, it is particularly important to study the changes in the surface temperature of clothing and human body after burning.

Burning dummy system

Use infrared thermal imaging camera to monitor the change of clothing surface temperature in the Burning dummy system dress test, use the Burning dummy system body surface sensor to reflect the temperature change of the skin surface, analyze the flash time, clothing material and size, and the state of the dressing posture on the surface The effect of temperature changes. The Burning dummy system has passed the test of the above parameters in order to provide a reference for the design and development of thermal protective clothing.

Research on multi-layer protective clothing using TPP instrument (thermal protection performance tester) shows that the outermost fabric has an important influence on the protective performance of multi-layer protective clothing. Using TPP instrument to test, it is found that long-term exposure to a heat source with low heat flux is more likely to cause burns than short-term violent combustion. In the actual wearing process, the thermal protection performance of clothing not only depends on the performance of the fabric itself, but also needs to be comprehensively considered from the aspects of clothing style design, specifications and dressing posture. In order to simulate the situation of the human body in the actual fire field as realistically as possible and to safely and accurately determine the surface temperature of the clothing and the human body, the test method of the Burning dummy system shows its advantages.

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