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How to use stainless steel submersible mixer

The use of stainless steel submersible mixer is as follows:

1. Check whether the power cord is intact and grounded reliably before starting; Check whether the fastening bolts are loose and tighten them in time; Check whether the lubrication part is lubricated and maintained. It should be idled for 1-2 minutes before starting before working normally.

2. After the power supply of the motor is turned on, press the open button to rotate the motor, and it can be used after the speed reaches the normal speed.

3. When using, the water in the hopper is discharged first, and then the material is loaded and fed, and then the material is added to the discharge port for mixing evenly, and an operation cycle can be completed.

4. When stopping, stop the motor rotation first, pull the handle to the stop position, and then cut off the power supply before shutting down and unloading;

5. If there is an abnormal situation during use, it should be stopped immediately and troubled before it can be continued;

6. Regularly maintain and maintain the machine to prolong the service life and ensure the safety performance.

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