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3D human scanner advantages

The human three-dimensional scanner is also known as the non-contact three-dimensional human body measurement system, the human digital system, widely used in clothing, animation, human machine engineering and other fields. Its measurement data is not simple to limit the general human feature point or interception, but contains three-dimensional information in the individual parts of the human body, high measurement accuracy (integrally to 0.5mm), fast measurement speed (complete scanning 3 seconds), is the development of human (face) model recognition, special clothing design (such as aerospace service, diving suit), human special equipment (human prosthetic, personalized weapon equipment), and ideal tools to carry out human-computer engineering research.

System Principle:

3D Camega Human 3D scanning measurement system is to use multiple optical three-dimensional scanning instruments to connect to the human body from the human body from different angles of the human body, scanned The data is automatically spliced by computer software. Finally realize the output of the precise human point cloud data.
Main features:
1, safe and reliable use of ordinary light sources (non-laser), no harm to the human body and human eye, can be measured;
2, instantly measure the single measurement time 0.4-0.1 seconds Multi-machine measurement time 3.0-4.0 seconds;
3, automatic splicing multi-machine system can automatically complete the harvest of human three-dimensional data in different directions, and automatically complete the splicing process;
4, true color The 3D Camega three-dimensional scanning system can not only obtain accurate spatial information (X, Y, Z) of the human surface data, but also the color information (R, G, B) corresponding to each pixel point can also be obtained at the same time, avoiding the use of maps. The color and location of the color and position occur;
5. A variety of formats Output ASC, Obj, WRL, STL, TXT, IGS, etc., and UG, Pro / E, Catia, Geomagic, Imageware, Maya Software interfaces.

3D human body scanner advantages:

In three-dimensional body scanner industrial applications, measuring glossy surface and dark form

surface sample can be achieved Performance can be measured without spraying the developer or dark chamber: thermal manikin 1. The three-dimensional body scanner eliminates the measurement error caused by the thickness of the developer!
2. 3D human body scanner avoids the measurement Work after spraying and measurement!
3. The three-dimensional body scanner reduces environmental pollution due to cleaning developers!
4. 3D human body scanner can be carried out in general office environment * 3 Measurement!
5. Three-dimensional body scanner does not need to prepare the dark room!

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