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Simple and effective testing of combustion method is good and bad

Modal, bamboo fiber, nanofiber ... in recent years, the new names of various textile materials on the market make consumers to buy. Let the hotel buyers are unclear. Today, today's hotel mall introduces cotton, hemp, hair, and silk through combustion and hand feeling. It is roughly judging. Cotton fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: pure cotton fabric is breathable, strong moisture, comfortable, but after washing and wearing, it is easy to wrinkle, deformation
identification: find a small line from the clothes, close When the flames, the fibers do not melt, and immediately combust to immediately. After leaving the flame, quickly combustion, the paper flavor will occur during the combustion process, and the combustion fiber will present fine and soft gray

thermal manikin
Advantages and disadvantages: low strength, high stretchability, poor anti-wrinkle resistance, poor heat resistance, good light resistance, good acid resistance, and resistance The alkaline is poor, the dyeing performance is good

Differential: When the flame is close to the flame, the melt curling will appear. When the flame will appear or combustion, and sometimes combustion is slow and even destroyed, and there is a flavor of burning. Black coke shape after burning fiber

3, silk fabric

advantages and disadvantages: soft, smooth, thick, flexible, good moisture absorption However, the silk is relatively delicate, and the general silk clothes should be paid attention to identification in washing and maintenance: the silk will be melt curling when the silk is close to the flame. When leaving the flame, it will be slightly fired. It is sometimes destroyed, and the burning will be produced when burning. The taste of the hair, the burning residue presents a pine brittle black granules.

43 Four, hemp fabric

Advantages and disadvantages: good absorbent wet and breathable function, heat transfer is fast, cool, out Uneath, but the elasticity is poor, the anti-wrinkle is different

identification: The pure hemp fabric is also mainly used in the identification, the combustion method is mainly used, and the combustion state is similar to the cotton, but the combustion fiber will exhibit a fine and soft gray flocculation. In addition, the pure heel fabric has a neonjun

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