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What is the role of the burning fake?Detailed parameter

There are many people who don't know what the product of the burning fake, is it? Today, the Qinsun explains in detail:

1. The role of combustion fake people: The combustion fake is mainly experimenting in the field of thermal protection, mainly for testing the overall thermal protection performance of protective clothing.

2, the detailed parameters of the combustion dummy - Qinsun provides you with


Eniso11612, Eniso11611, ISO13506, EN469: 2005

Scope of application:

Shanghai Thousands of Combustion Doors Test Systems are used to test the overall thermal protection performance of protective clothing.

Product Details:

Complete combustion dummy system, composed of a combustion chamber, a combustion dummy, and a gas control system.

Test standard Eniso11612, Eniso11611, ISO13506, EN469: 2005, etc. are applicable to this test system.

Shanghai Thousands of Supreme Technology Combustion Doors Test Systems are controlled by computer-controlled test systems, consolidated by combustion fake people, thermal sensor groups, flame generators, computer control modules, data acquisition and processing modules and burn Analysis module and other components. The first four parts are mainly implemented by the corresponding hardware, and the next four parts are solved by software programming and establish models.

The combustion dummy model adopts 1: 1 adult male model, the material is stable, the flame inert, the strength is high, the thickness is 2 ~ 3mm, the surface area is 1.72m2; in the dummy model Head, torso, leg and arm surface evenly distributed a certain number of sensors; and sprayed black flame retardant high temperature paint in the outer surface of the dummy model; in the head of the dummy, there is a processed sensor data export line, It is convenient for the instrument to collect and process the data signal.

The sensor group includes a thermal sensor and a pressure sensor. The thermal sensor consists of 120 heat flow sensors, which is uniformly distributed in the dummy surface, and each sensor represents a physical condition for a certain surface area; each sensor is numbered, if the temperature value calculated by the sensor Burn estimates to satisfy the second, three degrees of burns, and labeled it into the simulated digital human body model by different colors. Since the temperature change of the flame is a dynamic process, the test sensor temperature range is high, the response time is short to achieve the dynamic changes of the flame. The pressure sensor is mainly used to measure the gas pressure value in the gas container and the gas pipeline, and ensure the safety and controllable experiment.

The fire generator consists of 12 propane flame generators surrounded by 6 groups. Each set of flame generatorsThe flame nozzles and guiding flames are composed of high-pressure liquefied gas tanks, buffer gas tanks, pressure pipes and gas pressure sensors. The flame action time generated by the flame generating device is controlled by the computer control analog module

, and the flame intensity remains uniformly stable.

The computer control module consists of pre-prepared software. The main role is to automatically check the status of each group of sensors related to the experiment before the start of the experiment, and the ready-ready instructions have occurred after the state; in the experiment, the computer control program controls the role of the flame generator. And strength, and automatically boot the data processing module to record data variations of each sensor; in the experimental results stage, save the recorded data into the form of files, and guide the exhaust ventilation system to cool the combustion experimental warehouse.

Data acquisition and processing simulation, with the help of the computer control module, the acquisition, amplification, conversion and storage data of the temperature sensor and the heat flow sensor are controlled, and the hot flow signal is converted into a corresponding. The temperature value, then temporarily stores the results to the burns estimation module.

Burns estimation module is estimated to estimate the range and degree of burns caused by flames. The information obtained by the sensor is input to the information of the fake man change to the burn estimation model. After the burns estimate, the burn points and burn procedures are calculated, combined with the plot of the digitized human body model, drawing two, three degrees burns A map of the surface of the dummy.

thermal manikin The above is the knowledge about the combustion dummy for you, of course, if you want to know more about or this procurement product, you will come to consult: info@qinsun-lab.com.

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