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High-temperature protective clothing test experiment system based on warmer dummy

A high-temperature protective clothing test experiment system based on a warm body dummy, including a high temperature cabin, an internal flush of high temperature compartments, a hot tape venture system and a hot tank system and a high temperature radiation plate in high temperature cabin. All the hot tank wind systems and high temperature radiation plates are connected to the control box connection control, the thermostat dummy and the detectors around them are connected to the dummy control system and data acquisition system, and the dummy is put on protective clothing and heating high temperature testing. The thermophysiological process of simulating the human body makes the test results closer to the real situation.

Workers in the firefighters and special industries are often exposed to strong radiation, high temperature harsh environments, and the continuous time difference is large. In strong radiation, high temperature work and emergency environments, high temperature protective clothing is widely used. The insulation performance of protective clothing is directly related to protective performance and personnel safety, comfort, hot comfort, etc., will directly affect the rescue efficiency of firefighters, and work productivity.

China has also introduced some national provisions of some protective clothing performance, such as GB / T 20097-2006 "General Requirements", GB 8965. 1 --2009 "Protective Clothing Flame Right Protection Part 1: Flame Retardant Suit", GA633-2006 "Firefighter Rescue Removal Protective Apparel". International, the United States, the EU, etc. have issued a series of criteria, which specifies the thermal insulation performance of protective clothing, and standardizes the test methods and standard processes of protection performance. China is currently determining the protection performance of protective clothing still lacks unified understanding. It is not involved in the indicators of comfort and other people. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a protective clothing protection performance and comfort test device that can be promoted.

Traditional protective clothing test means mainly using heating plates to thermally protect the protective clothing textile material, because it is unmovable, it cannot meet accurate , Truly evaluate the test needs of warming performance when protective clothing in the human body. In the high temperature environment such as fire, the human body is thermally reacted, or the test of human body dress is carried out. Because the risk of experimental environment cannot be experimentally experimenting with live people, the heater dummy has become a feasible tool.

Since the 1940s, thermal manikin is a biophysical test that can simulate hot humid exchange between the human body and the environment. The equipment has been developed. Its body and physical parameters are similar to ordinary adults. People's equipment also have additional functions such as sweating, breathing, continuously applied to clothingAmong the fields of environment and other fields related to human comfort.

Therefore, establishing a set of warmer prostitutes as the core, in an analog disaster high temperature environment, a test device for performing performance tests in a high temperature environment, China has important demand for the urgent needs of protective clothing performance testing and experimental research.

In order to overcome the deficiencies of the deficiencies and capabilities of the above prior art, the purpose of the present invention is to provide a high-temperature protective clothing based on a warm-acting fake person. Test Experiment System , creating a controllable indoor high temperature environment, using thermal dummy to simulate the thermal process of the human body in the high temperature indoor environment and the environment and the human thermophysiological adjustment process, making the dummy to protect the moon, satisfaction Accurate protective clothing performance tests in accordance with different experimental conditions.

In order to achieve the above object, the technical solution of the present invention is implemented in this regard: a high-temperature protective clothing test experiment system based on a warmer dummy, including High temperature chamber 1, the internal suspension of the high temperature compartment 1 is provided with a thermostat dummy 2, the high temperature chamber 1 is provided with a hot exhaust system 3 and a high temperature radiating plate 4, the heat tube wind system 3 and the high temperature radiation plate 4 all and the control box 5 Connection control, the detector 11 around the warm body dummy 2 and its surroundings are connected to the dummy control system and the data acquisition system 6.

The high temperature compartment 1 is built by a high temperature resistant sheet 7, and the high temperature radiation plate 4 is vertically in the high temperature compartment 1, The high temperature radiation plate 4 is provided with a removable radiation separator 8 between the heaters 2.

thermal manikin

The utility model uses a thermally physiological procedure that is more advanced with existing test equipment to simulate the thermophysiological process of the human body, with existing clothing Compared with the test system, the advantage of the utility model is obvious:

(1) A physiological activity of maintaining body temperature constant is simulated as a human analog apparatus with a warm body dummy. The situation is more important and accurate to test.

(2) Armor dummy as a test equipment, in the spatial structure, the actual situation of the human body is more close to the actual situation of the test results.

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