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Application of Burning Dummy System in 3 Major Fields

Application of Burning Dummy System in 3 Major Fields

1. Military applications.

1) Research on the heat transfer mechanism of individual fire-retardant equipment. The Burning dummy system is used to simulate battlefield fire conditions of different strengths, the heat flow and skin temperature changes on the human skin surface, and create good human-clothing-fire field environmental conditions, which is flame-retardant for individual soldiers The research of equipment heat transfer mechanism provides an important research method.

2) Research and screening of flame-retardant fabrics for individual equipment. The Burning dummy system quantitatively tests the flame-retardant properties of different individual equipment fabrics, guides the research of flame-retardant fabrics, and screens out flame-retardant fabrics with excellent performance.

3) The structure and style design of individual fire-retardant protective equipment. The structure and style of individual fire-retardant protective equipment have a great influence on its flame retardant performance. Even if the equipment fabrics are the same, but the structure is different, or the openings are different, its flame retardant Performance also shows a big difference. The Burning dummy system is used to reproduce the actual wearing condition of the human body in the fire field, and guide the structure and style design of individual flame-retardant protective equipment such as flame-retardant combat suits, nuclear, biological and chemical flame-retardant combat suits, flame-retardant shoes and boots, and other flame-retardant protective equipment.

4) Research on special functional individual flame-retardant protective clothing. Special functional individual flame-retardant protective clothing refers to work clothes used in special work and training environments. Different operating environments have different flame-retardant requirements. Special work is simulated through the Burning dummy system. The human body’s response to the fire field or heat radiation under conditions, to guide the research of special functional individual fire-retardant protective clothing.
Burning dummy system
2. Social applications. Burning dummy system test technology can be widely used for reference in the fields of university teaching and research, personal protective equipment research, armed police and public security personnel protective equipment development; it can be widely used in fire fighting clothing, fire insulation clothing, fire protection clothing, fire shoes and boots Research on fire-fighting equipment and fire treatment, etc.; it can also conduct academic exchanges with technologically advanced countries such as the United States and Canada to promote the integration of international clothing ergonomics research.

3. Economic application. The Burning dummy system can simulate people to conduct various experiments and provide scientific basis for clothing performance testing and various performance tests.

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