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Installation method of delaminated solar aerator

The delaminated solar aerator, also known as the solar water circulation reoxygenation algae control machine, uses solar energy as the direct power for the operation of the equipment, sets up a rotary cutting and pulling aeration impeller, and transfers the bottom anoxic water to the surface of the water body and mixes it with the surface oxygen-rich water through the rotation and lifting of the impeller; The surface layer is rich in water, which diffuses horizontally and horizontally through centrifugal rotation and enters the hypoxic zone of the bottom layer longitudinally. Thus, the triple effect of water delayering, oxygenation and longitudinal and horizontal circulation exchange is realized, and the supersaturated dissolved oxygen water on the surface is transferred to the bottom of the water body, increasing the dissolved oxygen of the bottom water body, eliminating natural stratification, and improving the self-purification ability of the water body.


1. One-piece cable fixing

2. One-piece anchor fixation

3. One-piece piling fixation

4. One-piece cantilever fixation

5. Split fixing

How to use and install

1. Use and inject No. 20 gear oil into the reducer from the oil filling hole, and tighten the oil hole screw plug, the gearbox after refueling should be placed upright, not horizontally, so as to avoid gear oil seeping into the motor

2. The voltage used must be consistent with the voltage specified on the motor, an electric shock safety device must be installed, and the cable must be strictly checked for damage, the wiring should be firm, it must be grounded, the rubber pad of the junction box inlet and outlet line must be pressed tightly, and the impeller steering must rotate in the direction of the arrow.

3. Install the aerator in the center of the pontoon to prevent it from turning and capsizing during operation.

4. When the aerator is working, the impeller should be flush with the water surface, and the impeller should be raised when the voltage is unstable or too low to reduce the load of the motor.

5. The fuse should be connected to the power supply, no one should go into the water during work, and the power supply should be cut off first.

Conditions: When using this machine in the mud bottom pool, the water depth should exceed 1 meter, so as not to stir up the silt at the bottom of the pool due to the working of the impeller.

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