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Test experiment of pajamas combustion performance test

Textile flame retardant performance is an important indicator for textile detection industries. Textile combustion experiments have different requirements for different materials and types of clothing, especially textiles with higher flame retardant demands more special treatments. Different different requirements for different types of clothing philatelic, this Qinsun (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. will briefly introduce the requirements of the test experiment of pajamas burning performance test.

First type clothing L fabric combustion traits
flame spread time: When pressing ISO6941 test, the flame spread time In the length and width direction, the average value should be ≥ 12 seconds, and the single value is ≥10 seconds, which should comply with the surface of
fur or fresh fabric (Fabrics with Pile or NAP) before the washing time: When the ISO 10047 test, the hair or decault fabric, including the Basque bodysuit (Basque) was washed, and its surface burning time was 10 seconds or more. If the clothing is a river or a decline fabric, it is not compliant with the requirements of the surface combustion time, and should include any length of the sleeve, all of the opening portions, trousers below the waist, and they extend to at least 2.5 inside the garment. Where the CM is located, there should be no hair or raised fabric.
L fabric and decorative benefits:
This standard should be tested by combination of fabrics and decorative materials, the ignition point (20 mm from the bottom of the test sample) at the bottom edge of the decoration, ISO 6941 is performed, ignition time is 10 seconds.
L decoration:
If the combination of clothing and decorative is confirmed that the use of the specified flame spread time and the surface combustion time, the use of the decoration is not limited, otherwise there is a limit to the use of the decoration.
Annex (excluding Basque)
if the combination of clothing fabrics and neck annexes meet the requirements of flame spread time and surface combustion time, their use is not limited, Otherwise, any other width and length of the clothing neckline is limited (such as use).

Second Class Clothing
L firing or decancing fabric surface combustion time meets the requirements of the first type of clothing.
l Size requires clothing size
should comply with the requirements of Category 2 clothing.
L decoration
conforms to the 1st type of clothing.
An attachment (excluding tight-fitting clothes): should comply with the requirements of Class 1.
l connector (FastenINGS)
The garment of the connector or less under top length should ensure that there is 15 cm of the lower edge (Closure).

Third type of clothing

L-raised or decancing fabric surface combustion time Meet the requirements of Category 1 clothing.

The fourth type of clothing
lifes the burning traids of the hair or the decault fabric
conform to the requirements of the first class of clothing.
The total content of cellulose fibers, acetate fibers, and acrylic fibers

or their total content is equal to or greater than 50%, and the mass is less than 130 g / m2, and this fabric is used in clothing. The length of the costume should be observed from the restrictions of the 4th category of clothing (specifically check the table of the 4th Class 4).

Lofab fabric Does not conform to fabric, cellulosic fibers, vinegar, or acrylic fibers, or their total content, less than 50%. The outer layer of this fabric also conforms to this request. L Baby sleeping bag is designed to open
with sleeve
, or arm open, there is or without front or back, and they are designed with buttons, or zip, or straps Other reoperable connectors, along the bottom or at the bottom, should comply with the requirements of this chapter unless they meet the requirements of Chapter 1 in Section 1.
L bottom permanently closed sleeping bag
With sleeves, or has an arm opening, there is or without front or back, but they use fixed-designed methods along the bottom or at the bottom intersection, or With mechanical seams, this baby sleeping bag does not require 4.2 or 4.3, but identifies to Category 4 clothing unless they meet the requirements of Chapter 1 of the first class in Section 1.

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