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QINSUN improves the advantages of Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin

QINSUN improves the advantages of Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin

1) Further improve the sensor, closer to the nature of real skin. The selection of sensors is a very important part. The sensors currently in use mainly include copper sheet sensors and skin analog sensors, but they all have shortcomings. The heat absorption speed of the copper sensor and the skin is different, and the temperature of the skin rises faster than that of the copper sensor; and the density, heat capacity, and heat dissipation coefficient of the skin analog sensor have a certain gap with the skin. Therefore, improving the sensor to make it closer to the heat absorption capacity of the skin is of great significance for improving the accuracy of the combustion dummy test.

2) Combine the burning dummy and sweating dummy to comprehensively and objectively evaluate protective clothing. Under the current test conditions, neither the TPP test device nor the combustion dummy test system can simulate water vapor transmission. Water vapor transmission has a non-negligible effect on protection performance. Firefighters often get wet in their clothing during the firefighting process, and the firefighters themselves also sweat. If the combustion dummy can be improved to simulate the sweating state, that is, the perfect combination of the combustion dummy and the sweating dummy can be realized, which can provide objective test results for the overall test of protective clothing, whether it is a protective performance test or a comfort test .

3) The intelligent research of the burning dummy can more realistically simulate the fire fighting situation. Most of the existing burning dummies in the world cannot move. The difference in activity level will inevitably affect the test results of the protection performance, so the evaluation and research on the thermal protection performance cannot be limited to the static state. If the dummy is equipped with an intelligent system to make it act more like a real person, it can more realistically simulate the actual firefighting situation of firefighters, and evaluate the firefighting suit more objectively and comprehensively.

Sweating Fabric Manikin (Walter)
4) Really reproduce various fire scenes and broaden the research field of flame-retardant protective clothing. The current combustion dummy system can only simulate the fire environment, but besides fire, there may be water, smoke, and poison in the fire. Improve the combustion dummy test system so that it can simulate both fire and water, poison and smoke. The fire field environment can broaden the research field of flame retardant protective clothing.

 The Nerve Center is mainly composed of a data acquisition module, a detection and control module, a matrix operation module, a burn prediction analysis and processing module, and a system resource management module.

The above is the main content of Walter Sweating Fabric Manikin, which is answered in detail for you. Of course, if you want to purchase, you are welcome to consult and purchase.

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